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Learning Through Play, After School

Transform Your Students from Gamers into 21st-Century Creators  

Want to foster 21st-century skills in your students? The World Economic Forum Education 4.0 report promotes game design as a great tool for developing key skills across its taxonomy.

  • Leveraging Student Interest 

  • Turn Key After School Activity

  • Progressive Term Levels 

  • Modular Length 

  • Closed and Secure Platform

Working With some of the Best International Schools

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A Turn Key Solution

  • No Skills Required 

We provide all the content you need, you just need to provide a supervising staff member for classroom management

  • Evolving Content  

We update our content continuously allowing for student progression across terms. ​

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Future Ready Skills

  • Interest-based Learning

Using students' interest in video games as a hook for learning skills of the future from creative thinking to coding!

  • IB Learner Profile Matched

All our sessions fit into at least one IB student learner Profile and help develop associated skills

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Age-Based Programs

  • Under 12 / ES / KS2 

From game exploration to building in Minecraft, our students will start their game design journey

  • 12+ / MS-HS / KS3-4

Using the most accessible game development engine students will start to create their very first games

Unlock New Pathways to Success After School

Book a Call Today and we'll show you how our esports and game design after school clubs can unlock new success pathways at your school

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