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Give All Your Students a Place to Shine

Launch Global Esports Competitions at Your School with DAIGON Esports

Want to foster 21st-century skills in your students? Scholastic esports competitions have been shown to boost communication by 74% and teamwork by 80%

  • Inclusive 

  • Global Reach

  • Career Exposure

  • School Spirit

  • Closed and Secure Platform

An Esports Competition Partner Trusted by International Education Experts

International School Leagues

  • Global Citizenship 

Help your students get exposed to students from different cultures and timezones!​

  • Connecting the International School Community 

Esports provides a unique vehicle to connect the whole international community through competitions​

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An Inclusive Environment

  • Inclusive Competitions

Gender, Age, and Neuro-Inclusive Competitions like never before

  • A Space for Student to Shine

Providing an opportunity for sidelined students to become leaders through their passion


A Safe and Secure Platform

  • Accessed Through School

Everyone on the Daigon Platform accesses it directly through their school, protecting it from any outside actors

  • Safeguarded Interactions 

Student to Student interactions are limited to the minimum and always supervised

Find Out How Esports Competitions Can Help Your School

Book a Call Today and we'll show you how esports competitions can unlock new success pathways inclusively at your school

Brett, Coach ISK

"Daigon have already taken some of the load off of me and I can't wait to work with them further!"

Timo, Coach AIS

"I would describe the whole experience as really eye opening for me."

Coach European School

"It's really opened our students' eyes to the different timezones and countries"
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