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Every Student Empowered. 
Esports for a Future-Ready School

Join over 70 International Schools by
Unlocking 21st Century Skills, Fostering Inclusion & Charting New Success Pathways

We help over 70 International Schools forge innovative and inclusive Pathways to Success

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We host competitions for the following school associations

Esports: A Place to Belong and Succeed

belonging in international schools
esports for the future of international schools
Inclusivity for International Schools
Finding belonging for all

82% of students in a US study had never participated in an extracurricular activity before esports

Preparing Students for the Future
  • STEM Exposure & Technology Skills

  • Innovation, Creativity, and Interpersonal Skills

  • Pathways to careers in a $384B growing industry

Inclusivity like never before

A unique opportunity for gender and neuro-inclusive teams and competitions

International School Students

Safety & Safeguarding: Our Priority

International School World protected in hands
Protected International Schools
A Closed Platform

Accessible to students through school and supervised by their teachers

esports experience number 1
An Experienced Team

​Our team has 30+ years of combined experience working with 500+ international schools

structure for esports
Structure for Success

Providing a structured space at school, ensures digital citizenship and online student well-being can be prioritized and promoted

The All-in-One Esports Blueprint for Schools

Your Guided Journey from Start to Esports Success

esports formula

Expert-Backed Formula

A Step-by-step plan co-designed with top international esports programs

easy esports

Effortless Future-Readiness

Seamlessly Future-Proof Your School Today

esports partner

An On-going Partnership

More than a start—ongoing support and a connected community

esports guided pathway
“Daigon are very open, communicative, and understand both the international school and esports ecosystems. They've already taken some of the load off of me and I can't wait to work with them further!”
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Bret Campbell

Head of Technology

Esports Use Cases

The Powers of Esports in Education


21st Century Skills


Career Pathways

University Scholarships

Game-Based Learning

Want to Empower Every Student and Make Your School Future Ready?

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